Private Investigations

Excellentia Global offer bespoke investigative solutions which fit the client’s needs. We respect and acknowledge the sensitivities involved in many corporate investigations. Our detailed initial investigation strategies, investigation reports, case management meetings and review processes inform our client’s decision-making in how they may wish to proceed with any case.

Our investigators and consultants all have significant police experience in carrying out complex and sensitive investigations in the UK and abroad. All of our investigations are managed and overseen by our Senior Investigating Officer (SIO), a nationally accredited former senior Detective with Scotland Yard.

Our robust approach to all investigations ensures accuracy, integrity and validity. ​ Investigations are conducted alongside the legal requirements of PACE, Disclosure Laws and RIPA, which ensure our cases withstand forensic scrutiny should a client wish to proceed in that manner.

Excellentia Global will engage in a search for the truth, we follow the evidence. We provide investigative excellence through experience.