Regulatory Compliance

Excellentia Global work closely with the security industry’s governing and professional bodies. We are working collaboratively with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) and the Security Institute to ensure standards are continuously improving across the entire industry. Driving up standards within security is our common aim .

The legal framework which underpins all private security work is the Private Industry Security Act 2001. The SIA monitor legal compliance around licencing, and Excellentia Global maintain 100% compliance. Additionally we adopt the ethos of International Standard Organisation (ISO) 18788: the management systems for private security operations, with our structure and our policies in respect of health and safety and reporting and investigating wrongdoing. Our recruitment and vetting processes also embrace BS7858 which sets a British Standard for vetting around individuals who are to be employed in an environment where the security and safety of people is a requirement.

Our close protection services reflect the standards required in the British Standards BS8507 – code of practice for close protection services

Your safety and security is our responsibility. Our calibre and reputation speaks for itself.