Application Process

Excellentia Global has a two stage application process.

Stage 1 – CV Review

If you have all the application requirements, please click on the apply button and upload your CV for review and answer all mandatory questions. If your CV is successful you will then be sent an invitation to join our database, where you will be asked to complete stage 2 of the onboarding process. Once this process is complete all documentation will be screened by our Human Resources department.

Stage 2 – Onboarding Process

In order to provide our services Excellentia Global carry out due dilligence, to ensure that all individuals contracted by us have been processed correctly and to our high level of screening.​

To do this we require certain information from you, this is to allow you to begin working with us.  We are unable to utilize your services if this documentation process is incomplete.​

Your information is held confidentially by Excellentia Global and meets with Data Protection Standards and Governance.​

You will receive a notification from our Human Resources platform asking for you to complete further steps and upload documentation. Once all documents are submitted, they are screened in our Human Resources department.  If successful you will be entered into our Excellentia Global’s pool of highly skilled contractors where you will be selected for tasks according to your experience and ability. ​

If you require any assistance with the process or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our HR department. Recruitment (a)