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Specialist Training

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International Security Training

Excellentia Global can offer security training internationally at various levels.  This can include awareness training for diplomatic staff, armoured and soft-skin vehicle driver training, medical training, unarmed combat and close protection training.  All training can be delivered in-country and using local speakers or interpreters.

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Armoured and Soft Skin Vehicle Driver Training

Excellentia Global is able to offer driver training to staff involved in driving or chauffeuring diplomatic staff, VIPs, corporate & executive staff etc.  The training can be bespoke and designed to the client’s needs and driver capabilities.

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Medical Support and Training

Medical related courses at various levels can be made available to suit different work, security, social and leisure environments. These courses include : Level 3 First Responders course, Emergency Oxygen, Emergency Medical Gases, Emergency Paediatric and medical scenario training. Please get in touch and Excellentia Global will look at various other medical courses which are suitable for individual situations, roles and environments.

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Personal Security Awareness Training

Excellentia Global is able to provide bespoke personal awareness training to individuals and groups involved in and working in different environments, such as - but not limited to - lone workers, media personnel, leisure industry staff, females (lone and groups), professional drivers, medical staff and security staff.

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Super Yacht Crew Security Awareness Training

Some super-yacht crew members take on other roles away from their usual maritime crew and security roles, which can occur when owners or guests fly into international locations and the vessel is moored up in harbour or offshore.  Excellentia Global is able to deliver bespoke security awareness training for yacht crews at all levels who are required to transition to land security roles and tasks.  This training can cover subjects such as : situational awareness, surveillance awareness, conflict management, journey management in addition to personal safety & security, to name but a few.