Internal Policy

Excellentia Global have embedded internal policy and processes which ensure we have a consistent approach to the subjects important to our customers and staff.

Recruitment, Selection and Vetting is a high priority area for us. We select only the highest quality operatives and ensure they have the appropriate vetting in line with British Standards.

Our operations are underpinned by our Professional Standards and Code of Ethical Conduct Policy which we rigorously impose. Our appointed managers and leaders quality assure operations to ensure we are continuously improving.

We know our clients expect the highest levels of discretion and our social media and on line activity policy sets clear guidelines to our staff, in respect of client confidentiality. We also ensure robust non disclosure agreements to further protect our clients’ privacy.

Excellentia Global also puts great importance on its operatives maintaining high levels of training and currency of professional competence. We insist on continued professional development in all staff, being confident that the service you receive will be first class because of our refusal to compromise,  on your behalf, in respect of quality.