Special Events

Excellentia Global have significant global experience providing Security Advisors to underpin our clients’ Special Events.

From large scale corporate events to private functions and sensitive business meetings, we provide our own Security Advisors to provide the liaison between our clients and the associated logistical, local security and event staff.

We work with our clients at the inception and planning stage to determine the appropriate risk tolerances and to ascertain what needs to be achieved to ensure success.

We will also liaise with key local event partners such as police, medical staff and our own local associates to ensure that appropriate risk mitigation measures are met, ensuring our clients can focus upon the event’s priorities.

We utilise our in-house Security Advisory Team who will often work with local strategic partners to underpin the event, staying with our clients throughout the lifecycle of the event to facilitate, enable and coordinate safety and security.

Our Security Advisors are excellent communicators, risk managers and facilitators. If you require special event support for your organisation, please contact us to discuss how we can support you.