Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) Close Protection

Excellentia Global deliver close protection training in line with the Security Industry Authority (SIA) mandatory regulations. Part of these regulations govern the training, accreditation and assessment of individuals with previous experience in delivering close protection. The SIA offer exemptions from core competency training. This exemption is not a wholesale exemption from all training assessment and accreditation, there is still a requirement to evidence your competency over a reduced number of hours.

The full core competency training for close protection is detailed by the SIA as consisting of guided learning hours and contact time of 140hrs+ with an overall qualification time of 168hrs.

The exemption allows previously experienced individuals to evidence their competency over a shorter period of 24hrs+ of guided learning, distance learning and contact time.

In line with the SIA and Pearson (the qualification awarding body) rules, Excellentia Global have a process which offers RPL. This is broken down into three areas:

  • Eligibility criteria
  • Distance Learning
  • Contact Learning

Eligibility Criteria 

If you have completed formal close protection training from the organisations listed below and have remained in an operational close protection role, you will not have to undertake a further full training course. You will still be required to take the knowledge test and a practical skills assessment.

  • Special Air Service regiment Body Guard Course (PS Course)
  • Royal Military Police Close Protection Course
  • Metropolitan Police Royalty Protection/Special Branch Close Protection Course
  • Police National Close Protection Courses including Northern Ireland

It is an SIA requirement that training centres must confirm that each learner has a valid full first aid qualification at Level 3 (not a one-day emergency first aid course).  For example:

  • Level 3 Award in First Aid Response
  • Level 3 Award in First Person on Scene
  • Level 3 Award in First Responders
  • Level 3 First Response Emergency Care
  • D13 training in the last 3 years

Learners will need to present their valid first aid certificate from the four recognised police and government agencies to Excellentia Global before they are accepted onto RPL and start training.  They will also need to demonstrate that they have remained in that close protection role, within the last three years.

Individuals may also be eligible for RPL if you have completed a recognised close protection course since 2015 and you have been operational in the last three years. An SIA licence may have expired, or an individual may never have initially acquired one. Evidence of this course attendance and operational currency will be required.

Given the many different individual circumstances, please do not hesitate to get in touch should you have any queries regarding your eligibility for RPL.

Distance Learning 

There is a requirement from our qualification provider, Pearson, that in order to obtain the national qualification BTEC Level 3 Working as a Close Protection Operative, individuals must display knowledge and competency of the subject. The SIA further reinforces that even experienced operators must undertake a further knowledge test and practical skills assessment.

Knowledge and understanding is internally assessed in a series of questions based assignment books and completion of a threat assessment (Annexe A), a route recce (Annexe B) and a venue recce (Annexe C). These Annexes will be compiled around a given scenario which will form part of the package material for the distance learning module.

These paper-based requirements are able to be completed under the distance learning element of the course and makeup 2 x 10hr days (20hrs total).

Once an individual sign up for the Excellentia Global RPL, these assignment books and Annexe templates (including the scenario) will be sent electronically to the student. These MUST be completed and submitted to the Excellentia Global training staff before arranging a date for the final contact learning day.

Contact Learning 

The contact learning day comprises of a 10hr day, which makes up the remainder of the required guided learning hours required for the RPL qualification. This day consists of:

  • Completion of Annexe 12 of the SIA Exemption by the Excellentia Global Training staff and signed by the individual.
  • Mandatory Conflict Management instruction
  • Mandatory Conflict Management examination
  • Practical assessments (where required)

Professional discussion and assessment which evidences the experience of the individual. (photograph & video evidence of the individual delivering protection can be considered during the discussion)

Testing of the learning outcomes from the workbooks completed during distance learning

Final Steps 

Upon completion of this process, Excellentia Global will submit the exam papers for external assessment.  Successful candidates will be progressed through to BTEC certification and will then be eligible to apply for their SIA licence.

Close Protection Specialist Module (Units 1&2):

  • Roles and responsibilities of a close protection operative
  • Basic surveillance, anti-surveillance and counter-surveillance techniques
  • Law & Legislation
  • Close protection interpersonal skills
  • Close protection reconnaissance
  • Incident management
  • Maintaining secure environments
  • Threat assessment, risk management and operational planning
  • Teamwork and operational briefing within a close protection environment
  • Close protection foot drills
  • Planning for route selection
  • Transport management
  • Venue security operations
  • Close protection operational planning
  • Providing close protection to an individual

Conflict Management Module (Unit 3):

  • The principles of conflict management
  • Recognise, assess and reduce risk in conflict situations
  • Communicating in emotive situations to de-escalate conflict
  • Develop and use problem solving strategies
  • Good practice after conflict situations

Additional Modules: ​

Additional advice delivered by the Excellentia Global training team during RPL:

  • Current legislation regarding the media ​
  • CV, interview and employment advice ​
  • Social media & cyber awareness ​
  • Networking and your future within the close protection industry ​
  • Advice on self-employment

Course Package:

Excellentia Global 24 hour Recognition of Prior Learning

Recognition of Prior Learning Training Course Brochure
Recognition of Prior Learning Training Course Brochure
Course Cost: 500 + VAT
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Location: Central London
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