Cyber Security Awareness Training

This is a unique course delivered by current practitioners of offensive and defensive security.  You will receive training from an award winning Security Researcher and her team of specialists who are actively involved on the front lines of  information security.

An up to date session showing how criminals are using latest technology to bypass security measures both physical and online. How will you best protect yourself with so many products on the market today?  How do you educate your family not to cause a personal breach to you?  How can you help others in your team protect themselves?

Recent years have seen a marked increase in cybercrime. Know how to detect when you are being probed or attacked both physically and virtually.  What are the warning signs you should be aware of?

It is now essential when dealing with personal data, whether that be of your client or your own.  Know what to do when you have been breached and to respond appropriately and in a timely manner.

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