Close Protection

Excellentia Global have been providing close protection operatives and teams to leading global organisations; covering businesses, private individuals, families and other unique clients for over a decade.

Our operational heritage is rooted in the provision of close protection to diplomats and individuals of Her Majesty’s Government; demonstrating our considerable first hand experience and understanding of the requirements of busy principals, thus enabling them to carry out their lives in confidence. We successfully applied those tenets to the commercial environment whilst maintaining those highest standards of delivery.

Excellentia Global’s approach to the provision of close protection is to apply appropriate levels of support which meet specific client requirements, their profiles and the associated environmental risks. We provide sensible, discreet and practical solutions to the protection of our clients, enabling them to focus upon their priorities, confident in the knowledge they are protected by seasoned professionals with real time experience.

We provide close protection to clients not just in London and the United Kingdom but around the world. Our global network of vetted, strategic partners work with us to provide the highest standards of delivery wherever clients require our support. Our holistic approach to service ensures that we underpin every task with appropriate planning, transportation, logistics, medical support and management.

All of our close protection operatives around the world, male and female, are expertly trained, experienced in delivery and duly licenced to provide protective services to you or the people in your organisation.

As with our clients, every service we provide is different. If you would like to discuss your requirements and what the best solution looks like for you, please contact us to discuss how we can support you.