Paul Shephard MBE - Training Manager

Paul is the Training Manager for Excellentia Global where he is responsible for the management, development and delivery of training courses and services globally.

Paul has worked in commercial training delivery for over five years.  Prior to that he spent twenty years in the UK Military; planning and delivering training to civilian, police and military staff for UK and overseas governmental and non-government organisations.

In addition to training delivery Paul has spent a substantial part of the last twenty five years within operational close protection and security risk management world-wide, where he has afforded services to governmental and commercial organisations in all environments.

Paul previously served in the British Army with the Royal Military Police, where he was principally employed within the Close Protection Unit (CPU) in both operations and training.

Completing his service as the CPU Operations Warrant Officer, he deployed on many operational and training tasks and was awarded the Military MBE in 2005 for close protection operations.