Chrissy Morgan MSc - Chief Information Security Officer

As Chief Information Security Officer, Chrissy uses her experience to manage the information security compliance and technical security needs of our internal security operations, adhering to legalisation and regulatory obligations.

Chrissy has been working within information technology since 2002 and is qualified with an MSc. in Advanced Security and Digital Forensics. She has specialised within the field of cyber security and thus far has won professional accredited awards, credited vulnerability disclosures and has won ‘Capture The Flag’ competitions, where the top minds of cyber security gather in head to head challenges, demonstrating her technical ability.

In addition to this, she is a qualified and experienced Close Protection Officer which provides Excellentia Global with her unique skillset being of able to identity both technical and physical security risks. She has previously undertaken government level research within steganography at an Academic Centre of Excellence in Cyber Security Research (ACE-CSR) and presented papers at academic conferences. Her current research area is within the technical attack surfaces, which impact physical security.

Chrissy uses her research and experience to give back to the community, presenting talks at industry conferences internationally and teaching workshops. She is an award winning blog writer within Information Security and contributes to national media on a wealth of subjects. She is a member of many Information Security organisations, winner of the (ISC)² up and coming Security Professional of the Year and an Associate Member of the Security Institute.