Skiing Bodyguards in France – Kit and equipment

Winter skiing season – Kit and equipment for a skiing bodyguards in France

It is that time of year when skiing bodyguards dust of their winter kit and equipment and dig out the old North Face day sack from the garden shed.

We are well into the winter skiing season and although March is just around the corner the snow can be enjoyed well into April. Many Close Protection Officers will take to Europe’s most luxurious and prestigious slopes to provide security and reassurance to their clients and principals.

Many bodyguards work hard during the summer season but find that the industry goes quiet in Winter. Luckily for more seasoned Close Protection Officers they can take a few months off and then seamlessly merge the end of the summer season into the start of the winter skiing season.

Skiing; together with fine art, sports cars and fine dining are all firm favourites of the worlds rich and famous and should the relationship exist, the bodyguard will be invited to support their clients during their skiing trips.

Resorts such as Chamonix and Val D’lsere in France and St Moritz in Switzerland are often frequented by VIP’s, closely shadowed by their personal skiing bodyguard who is there for security support and reassurance.

Following a recent international skiing deployment we thought it would be useful to share some kit and equipment ideas that would benefit Close Protection Officers when they deploy on a skiing assignment.

Skiing equipment and tactics are very similar to that of winter mountaineering and knowledge of mountain medicine, snow, ice and avalanches are essential to remain more than just the ‘Security guard’.

For those mountaineers amongst us you will notice some basic mountaineering equipment in the images below (In addition to basic ski equipment):

Kit carriage:

  • Durable and brightly covered day sack
  • Walking sticks / Ski poles


  • Space blanket
  • Whistle
  • Head torch
  • Hi Vis vest
  • Hi Vis hat
  • Smoke (Difficult to get through customs)
  • Flashing red light (Rear bike light from local bike store)


  • Gloves
  • Warm fleece and hat
  • Sunglasses
  • Mountain boots


  • • Satellite phone
    • Mobile phone (Network 1)
    • Mobile phone 2 (Network 2)

First aid kit:

  • • Medical trauma bag
    • Sun cream
    • Lip balm
    • After sun
    • Water
    • High energy bars


  • Power supply (Back up)
  • Cables and ancills
  • Handsfree

What kind of skiing equipment would you recommend to assist fellow Close Protection Officers?

For advice and guidance on national and international Close Protection deployments call our London office on +44 207 060 2130 where a member of our Operations team can best advise you.