Equipment Suggestions for everyday Close Protection deployments

Excellentia covers this subject on our 22 day London based Close Protection Course However, we were recently asked what type of equipment we carry and what would we recommend as an initial investment for someone going on close protection deployment.

Here is a link to a video of a small piece of equipment, which the Principal – or their entourage – can use for their peace of mind whilst in their accommodation or residence. It is cheap, simple to use, lightweight and easily purchased online.

The electronic doorstop initiates a loud alarm- warning anyone of the door being tried, whilst at the same time it physically stops/delays the door from being opened.

It can easily be carried in your pocket and – when primed with new batteries- handed to your Principal or entourage before they retire.

It is at this point, when you are explaining the use of the doorstop and enquiring as to what time the team is required the next morning; you can take the opportunity to remind them to do the following:-
• Use the key chain at all times.
• Remember to use the door spy before opening the door.
• Hide valuables and passport from sight.
Call you immediately should anything be suspicious.

With these simple precautionary measures together with the provision of an unobtrusive piece of equipment, your Principal and entourage will feel confidence in their close protection team.

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