Civilian to Close Protection Operative

“After many months of thinking about a new career change and a chat with a friend that was already within the Close Protection industry I finally took the plunge into the unknown. I decided to invest my money into attending the Excellentia Close Protection training course.

Many weeks before attending the course I was in discussions with the training team with constant questions and anxieties about going into the Close Protection industry. My main concern was I had zero former military experience. John was always on hand to answer anything and was always honest about the uncertain outcome and how I will only get out of the industry what I put in. The advice was if I’m keen enough and have the right attitude then I could potentially do well in security training.

The London Close Protection course itself was a real eye opener, I remember being sat around a table with all walks of life, Ex police, army and thinking I just wasn’t at their level.”



“However as the days went on I realised I actually had some good personable qualities and was able to get stuck in; comforted that I knew Excellentia would be on hand to help achieve the best possible outcome.

Upon completion of the Close Protection course (Which was actually the first one they ever ran), Excellentia gave me the opportunity to deploy into a full time residential security team position.

It was always going to be hard living in Yorkshire married with children and working in London, but I knew that this opportunity wasn’t going to come around again. I therefore accepted the offer and stayed with Excellentia for five years. Within that period I really learned a lot and Excellentia stood by me as I progressed from RST, to RST TL and then eventually FT CPO.

Its been eight years now since completing the London close protection training course and Excellentia are still on hand and supporting me. Whether it be helping me by endorsing me into groups for work or putting my name forward for high profile tasks. Latterly, an Excellentia director vouched for me and subsequently secured me another full-time role.

Excellentia gave me a chance and invested in me when I really didn’t know where my life was going, so for that I am truly thankful, and this is why they have the respect and reputation within the industry.”