Close Protection Training Reviews

Excellentia Global has a solid reputation providing London based Close Protection security training.

“I was hugely impressed by the quality of training provided, it was by far the best course I have attended. The instructors/trainers were extremely passionate about what they do and their professionalism was second to none. The quality of teaching and delivery was to such a high standard that it made a demanding course enjoyable to take part in.  Since completing the gruelling 21 days I have vastly changed my approach to close protection, and find myself with a more focused and positive perspective.

I undertook the course to enhance my skills, as well as develop new skills in the field of security – and I can confidently and proudly say you have been triumphant in enabling me to do so.”  – Head of Security and Close Protection (Bupa)

“After lots of research I went to study at Excellentia, and it was definitely my best choice. It was very demanding and intense course, I learned everyday something new in different areas of study , combining theory with practice. Highly professional teachers who really taught me everything I was expecting to learn about!” – Close Protection Student

“Just completed the FPOSI + CP course and what an amazing course it is I will definitely be recommending it to others. Very professional and all training is to a very high standard” – First Responders Training Course Student

“I’m a 40-year old female with a background in marketing, martial arts and dance, so, it could’ve been quite daunting to walk into a classroom filled with younger military and police trained personnel. However I’d done my homework and knew the Excellentia Close Protection (CP) course was right for me.

When evaluating all the training providers & courses available, it quickly became clear the Excellentia offering was head and shoulders above the others. Not just in terms of best suiting my civilian background, but also by giving me the best spring-board into the industry once I passed as a female bodyguard to operate in London and around the world.

The reputation of the instructors and the course content (above and beyond what the SIA stipulate is needed) is unsurpassed. Plus the ‘guest speakers’ I met are invaluable contacts to have when starting off in a new industry.

Coming from a corporate/commercial background I didn’t want a course containing anything irrelevant to my industry prospects. E.g. I didn’t need any firearms training because I can’t carry one. But it would be prevalent to gain some advanced driving skills as that’s more likely to be needed.  So I signed up to the next available Excellentia course in London to begin my bodyguard training adventure.

As expected, the Excellentia instructors were all incredible. Each brought their own personality and vast bodyguarding experience to the table. Helping to give me insights and development points to continuously enhance my new practical skills. The practical work and exposure to real-time scenarios was an amazing experience.

By the end of the course I was confident in my ability to do what was expected & needed of me both as a member of the team, and when acting as the Team Leader.

I would highly recommend Excellentia to anyone looking to make the best possible start in the world of Close Protection (bodyguarding).” – Voted ‘Top Student’ by her classmates.

With multiple 5 star reviews on social media Excellentia has been continually recommended for their Security training services.


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